Welcome to Diamonds in the Scruff™!

MaryAnn with two groomed dogs

MaryAnn opened her grooming business in 1998. After sixteen years of working in a shop, she felt it was time for a change. MaryAnn decided to take her skills on the road to offer mobile grooming, and Diamonds in the Scruff was born.

The mobile grooming van is a fully self-contained salon on wheels and it has all the equipment required for complete grooming services. The van is climate controlled to provide a comfortable experience for our furry clients. Fresh heated water is used to bathe each pet, and the salon is vacuumed and sanitized after each grooming appointment.

There are a number of advantages to using a mobile grooming service. You don't have to drive to the groomer twice: once to drop off, and again to pick up. The grooming experience is much less stressful, and it's especially good for pets who may be easily excited, have health issues, or are very young or very old. Your pet doesn't have to travel back and forth, you aren't waiting for a phone call to know that he or she is finished and there is no sitting in a cage waiting to be groomed or to be picked up. Your baby has the groomer's undivided attention and isn't exposed to other dogs or cats. As a result, mobile grooming offers a shorter and more comfortable stay than your dog or cat would have in a shop environment. Your pet is in a calm and quiet setting, and won't have contact with other pets. Your dog or cat will always have the same groomer who will be familiar with his or her particular needs, which results in a much more positive experience.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your pet and discuss your individual needs.

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